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How can a rising tech startup stand out in today's over-crowded digital landscape?

Aware is a human-centered business AI platform capable of measuring and understanding human sentiment across an organization’s collaboration software such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, and email.

Aware’s product had already proven itself valuable for high-profile companies like McDonald's and Starbucks, but the brand’s tech-speak and benefit-led communication was falling flat with new customers. They needed a strategic shift for their Fall ‘21 campaign and they needed it fast.


Working in close collaboration with Aware’s executive team, C-90 led an intense day-long workshop to quickly concept how to most effectively reach new clients in their B2B category. The result was an emotionally-focused commercial that simplified communication with an empathetic and anthropological approach.

In a condensed three-week timeline, C-90 delivered a script, designed the campaign, developed a web strategy and produced the commercial — all of which received high praise from Aware’s Goldman Sachs investors.

Additional Credits:
Creative by C-90
Directed by: B. Emmit Jones / C-90
Script: C-90
Dirctor of Photography: Rudy Harris
Music: Tim Shrider
Editing: Harris Media