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Connecting thousands of families to important resources with a child-inspired campaign.


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United Way MyPre-K Logo Design

United Way of Northern Kentucky works as an advocate for change so children are prepared for kindergarten. After interviewing families across the city, United Way found that a key problem with getting kids prepared for kindergarten was difficulty in finding resources to ensure kindergarten readiness.

United Way MyPre-K Illustration
United Way MyPre-K Web Design
United Way MyPre-K Illustration

MyPre-K is United Way’s online source for families to find local information, resources, and programming for pre-kindergarten education. We were commissioned to create a visual identity and to produce all materials for the campaign. Since children are the focus of the program, we decided to use child-inspired graphics and illustration to give the campaign a fun, child-like personality.

United Way MyPre-K Campaign
United Way MyPre-K Campaign Poster

MyPre-K.com has been promoted across the region and has grown significantly since its inception in 2017. The online platform has helped connect thousands of families to important resources and is now serving two states.

United Way MyPre-K Apparel Design
United Way MyPre-K Campaign Poster
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Photography by: Harris Media Co.