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Riddell has been an industry leader in head protection since their inception in 1927 and has continued to innovate their products to make football a safer sport for players. Their latest technology, Precision-Fit, uses 3-D scanning technology to create fully-personalized instrumented headgear, which is custom-fitted to a player’s head to provide maximum protection.

The creative direction for the product launch was anchored around distinctive visuals inspired by the structured light technique used in 3-D scanning.

Taking visual inspiration from sources ranging from military equipment to luxury goods to 3-D scanning technologies, the visual identity was crafted to tell the story of the product and exude excitement and elegance.

Riddell Precision-Fit Product Photography
Riddell Precision-Fit Campaign Pattern
Riddell Precision-Fit Logo Design
Riddell Precision-Fit Campaign Identity
Riddell Precision-Fit Product Photography
Riddell Precision-Fit Campaign Identity

Upon release, Precision-Fit helmets were only available to NFL players and top-tier college athletes, so the visual identity was used to not only communicate the product’s breakthrough technology, but also create aspiration around the Riddell brand.

Riddell Precision-Fit Campaign Identity
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Photography by: Empire Green