How does a modern application craft human connection at scale?


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Humans love to connect. And we connect through stories. But managing these connections in an age of overwhelming data is a unique challenge — StoryPorts is a content creation service for email that’s weightless and intuitive.

We were approached by Storyports to help them re-think how they could better reach new audiences. What we found what that the most creative story-tellers were their greatest advocates. Through strategy, identity, video, animation and design, C-90 was able to help StoryPorts define its own story — that of crafting human connections at scale.

While StoryPorts user's messages glide effortlessly across time, space and channels, we found it still requires human-to-human communication. We helped enable StoryPorts better reach content creators and publishers so that they could better craft these connections by collaborating wisely and nurturing relationships at scale.